This week I have mostly been…

Starting this blog to chart some of my adventures in tech.

Here are some of the things I have covered over the last months, and will be taking the time to write up over the next few weeks :-

  • Building an i7-5920k 64gb Custom Mac Pro
  • Building a touch-screen macbook air using an Asus transformer TX300CA
  • Running MacOS in Windows with VMWare
  • Cross-platform development in Windows with MacOS & Linux VM’s, utilising RSync to allow the ability to provide code-completion in an IDE on the host-machine, but allow changes on the guest OS’s to propagate back to the host machine (and it’s editor)
  • Utilising PACT/Swagger to support Consumer Driving Contract testing flows
  • Evaluating as a UI testing tool against traditional Selenium based approaches.
  • Decompiling Digifant ECU’s namely Polo G40’s in order to better understand how the engine management works and allow me to tune my engine.
  • How stress control / management techniques can aid individuals and teams in software delivery

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I have been a Software Test Engineer for 11+ years now, starting off in Accessibility Testing at a large UK Banking organisation. I have since worked with financial / medical healthcare / betting / telecommunication providers testing software and along the way helping some migrate from traditional software development methodologies to a leaner Agile based approach. I now work for a consultancy company, providing insight into tools / technologies / approaches to ensure we are testing the right things, at the right place in the stack. Less of my time these days is spent writing test code, and more time championing test processes with our developers, who have picked it up and hit the ground running.

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