This week I have mostly been…

Starting this blog to chart some of my adventures in tech.

Here are some of the things I have covered over the last months, and will be taking the time to write up over the next few weeks :-

  • Building an i7-5920k 64gb Custom Mac Pro
  • Building a touch-screen macbook air using an Asus transformer TX300CA
  • Running MacOS in Windows with VMWare
  • Cross-platform development in Windows with MacOS & Linux VM’s, utilising RSync to allow the ability to provide code-completion in an IDE on the host-machine, but allow changes on the guest OS’s to propagate back to the host machine (and it’s editor)
  • Utilising PACT/Swagger to support Consumer Driving Contract testing flows
  • Evaluating as a UI testing tool against traditional Selenium based approaches.
  • Decompiling Digifant ECU’s namely Polo G40’s in order to better understand how the engine management works and allow me to tune my engine.
  • How stress control / management techniques can aid individuals and teams in software delivery